Top 3 Things To Do In Chattanooga

Are you thinking of moving to Chattanooga, TN in the near future? Have you ever visited our scenic city before? If not, we have you covered! We are going to share with you the top 3 most popular things to do when discovering Chattanooga. Whether you’re a native who hasn’t explored your hometown, or if you’re a transplant, we guarantee that these three activities won’t leave you twiddling your thumbs or bored.

Lookout Mountain- Chattanooga, TN

Lookout Mountain offers visitors the opportunity to see three world-famous attractions that showcase the valley that we call home. Those three attractions are Rock City (you can see 7 states from one location), Ruby Falls (America’s deepest cave and underground waterfall), and the Incline Railway (America’s steepest passenger railway). So whether you are an adrenaline junkie and can’t wait to see the sights from the tallest peaks overlooking the valley, or if you prefer a nice walk with a beautiful view of the city, Lookout Mountain has you covered!

Tennessee Aquarium – Chattanooga, TN

The Tennessee Aquarium right in the heart of the city offers visitors a once in a lifetime experience. From the mountain rivers to the oceans, this aquarium has it all. Bring your entire family for a full day of learning and unforgettable experiences. Take photos of the Volkswagen-sized catfish in the River Giants exhibit or the the Penguins at the Penguins’ Rock exhibit. A day spent at the Tennessee Aquarium will not disappoint.

Walnut Street Bridge- Chattanooga, TN

A short walk across the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge allows visitors to enjoy parks and amenities on both sides of the Tennessee River.  On the south side, the bridge is located between the Tennessee Aquarium and the Hunter Museum of American Art with fun activities for people of all ages. On the north side, the bridge connects visitors to Coolidge Park, Renaissance Park and many shops, galleries, restaurants, and arts groups. So whether you want to explore or get your shopping on, a walk across the Walnut Street Bridge has you covered.

Enjoy Our Scenic City

Moving can be stressful, but after you unpack your bags and moving boxes, get out there and enjoy your new city. Welcome home.

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