Happy Movers : A Boundless Experience

Moving stinks. No one is going to argue with that statement. No one has ever woken up and been excited to pack and load boxes, lift heavy furniture, worry about broken items, drive long distances, and unpack boxes (or live among them for a few weeks) except maybe the team at Boundless Moving. So let me tell you about my experience with the happy movers at Boundless Moving & Storage.

I woke up in a house in Knoxville filled with boxes and quite a few heavy pieces of furniture – really heavy pieces of furniture actually. In fact, last time I moved the sleeper sofa I took the sleeper part out because it was so heavy. I dreaded the entire moving process and the state of my packing did not make my dread go away. I rushed around taping some last minute boxes closed, opening other to check to make sure I had wrapped those fragile items carefully, and was happily surprised when the Boundless truck backed up to my front door right on time. 

Two smiling, happy men approached my door and knocked politely, and they appeared as if they might enjoy the task I had grown to dread. I opened the door, we introduced ourselves, and I asked, “Alright, where do we start?” The answer came back, “Well, we’ll start loading the truck and you can just hang out and talk to us or whatever you want.” My relief was palpable. I knew they would do it all for me, but I figured that if I helped, the whole process would be quicker, and I was definitely wrong. 

As they loaded my large dresser, 7 foot bookcase with glass doors, curio cabinet, sleeper sofa, two beds, and everything else, they carefully wrapped everything with cardboard and large padded blankets. Honestly, the took greater care of my belongings than I do myself. After loading the truck almost to capacity, I remembered I had a dining room table and additional sofa in storage near the house that I was moving to 80 miles away. I mentioned this to the men, and without skipping a beat they assured me that wasn’t a problem and they’d see me there. 

I grabbed a few last minute items I hadn’t packed as they drove away and loaded them into my own car. This small setback put me about 20 minutes behind them. They called as they arrived at the house where my belongings were stored, and asked if they could knock on the door, telling me they’d just meet me at my new place. I arrived and the door to the truck was open, belongings already being unloaded as I unlocked the door. 

Still smiling, they carefully carried large items through the tight corridors of this older home with precision (something that I could not have began to do myself). We talked and joked as they helped me achieve a furniture layout conducive to the space in my new home. I learned about their children who are currently enrolled in the school 4 houses away, about their wives’ career aspirations, their graduate work, and about their lives in general. They were more than willing to share or to be quiet while working diligently and yes, still smiling. 

In roughly 6 hours total, we were done – from Knoxville to Cleveland, loading and unloading. I guess I should say, they were done. I hadn’t lifted a finger, but my task of unpacking was about to begin. I still dread packing and unpacking, so next time I will definitely have Boundless do that for me as that’s a service they offer as well. But for those 6 hours, I had no worries. Nothing was broken, nothing was lost, it was incredibly efficient, and frankly I’ve never seen two people have so much fun moving while maintaining a professional and amiable demeanor. 

This has been my second move with Boundless but I assure you, it will definitely not be the last. 

– Chad Savage

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