3 Things You Might Forget To Do Moving Week

Empty The Laundry Basket Ahead Of Time


The last two or three days before your big move is crunch time. You are trying to get everything in order. You might have already organized boxes for the movers who come in two days. You may have neatly organized all of your fine china and glassware safely in a padded tub. You probably even separated your dressy clothes from your casual clothes. However, you may have been so busy that the handful of dirty clothes that are in the laundry basket or in your kids’ rooms from the past two days may have been overlooked. When you get to your new place, the last thing that you want to do first is laundry. Moreover, don’t forget to check the laundry basket before moving day!


Empty The Trash Cans & Designate One Area For Trash


You may have accumulated or discovered trash while you were packing. You also may have decided to toss a few unnecessary or damaged items in the process as well. Another way that trash accumulates is from the snacking/eating that you do the last few days before your move. You might have chip bags, leftover Subway sandwiches, fruit, sodas, or a variety of other foods. There could also be trash in guest rooms, bathrooms, the garage, etc. A helpful tip to manage trash during moving week is to keep a box of the large, heavy duty trash bags in one room. Open one bag at the beginning of the packing process and designate that location to be where anyone in your house brings their trash when they are done. Also, remove any and all other trash cans in your house at this point. By doing this, you avoid trash accumulating in different areas of your home.


Alert Post Office Of Address Change


You are not the first person to have forgotten to let your local post office know about your new address. Don’t worry! You can get it taken care of pretty easily. The post office will forward the mail that continues to be sent to your old address to your new address, so you won’t miss a beat! A good rule of thumb to not forget this essential step in transferring addresses is to start this process along with alerting your utility companies at least 1 week in advance. Once you get the boring details out of the way, you can get back to packing!


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